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Bank Negara Malaysia’s 12th and 13th Banking Supervision Courses

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has been organising the Banking Supervision Foundational Course annually since 1986 as an initiative to prepare new offices for their job as bank examiners, and also to create a platform for foreign banking personnel in developing countries to meet and learn the needs of other central banks under the MTCP.

Mr Jalalullail Othman, Ms Hoh Kiat Ching and Mr Lau Kee Sern has been invited again by BNM to facilitate part of the 12th and 13th Banking Supervision Courses which took place in April and August 2016 respectively. The Courses are organised by the Human Capital Development Centre of BNM and are specially tailored for new supervisors in the Bank Supervision Departments.

Mr Jal Othman and Ms Hoh conducted 2 sessions on the topic relating to collateral and security whilst Mr Lau provided the participants with an overview on bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings.

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