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本事务所的 2023 年内部持续法律教育课程计划如下:

No. Topics Speakers Dates
1. Governance in ESG Poh Choo Hoe 5th Jan 2023
2. Real Estate – A Cautionary Tale Hoh Kiat Ching 16th Feb 2023
3. Arbitration Agreements – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Victoria Loi 9th Mar 2023
4. PTCM and Trials – PTCM process, pre-trial preparations and cross examination Samuel Tan Lih Yau 5th Apr 2023
5. Legal Action – From beginning to end Chan Kok Keong 23rd May 2023
6. Construction 101 Nina Lai Jian Xian 15th Jun 2023
7. Intellectual Property Litigation – What to expect when titans of industry collide Wendy Lee Wan Chieh 12th  Jul 2023
8. Arbitration-In-Practice Lam Ko Luen 1st Aug 2023
9. Stay of Proceedings / Judgments Marianne Loh 28th Sep 2023
10. Amendments to the Employment Act 1955 – What you need to know Mehala Marimuthoo 12th Oct 2023
11. An Introduction to Insolvency Law Ng Hooi Huang 24th Nov 2023
12. Tales from the Crypt – of NFTs and cryptocurrencies Tan Gian Chung 15th Dec 2023