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Professional Development

In-House Training

Shook Lin & Bok is proud of our training programmes for our lawyers, pupils and interns. The firm’s team based approach to working facilitates good exposure to ensure that our people develop their own knowledge from the wealth of experience within the firm. Shook Lin & Bok strongly encourages a culture of idea sharing and individual development.

The firm’s professional development team has worked closely together on the selection of legal topics and has organised regular sessions to update our people on legal and market developments. To complement our legal skills training, a soft skills training programme is conducted in-house to equip our people with the necessary skills required for legal practice.


The firm’s In-House Continuing Legal Education Programme for 2023 is listed below:


No. Topics Speakers Dates
1. Governance in ESG Poh Choo Hoe 5th Jan 2023
2. Real Estate – A Cautionary Tale Hoh Kiat Ching 16th Feb 2023
3. Arbitration Agreements – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Victoria Loi 9th Mar 2023
4. PTCM and Trials – PTCM process, pre-trial preparations and cross examination Samuel Tan Lih Yau 5th Apr 2023
5. Legal Action – From beginning to end Chan Kok Keong 23rd May 2023
6. Construction 101 Nina Lai Jian Xian 15th Jun 2023
7. Intellectual Property Litigation – What to expect when titans of industry collide Wendy Lee Wan Chieh 12th  Jul 2023
8. Arbitration-In-Practice Lam Ko Luen 1st Aug 2023
9. Stay of Proceedings / Judgments Marianne Loh 28th Sep 2023
10. Amendments to the Employment Act 1955 – What you need to know Mehala Marimuthoo 12th Oct 2023
11. An Introduction to Insolvency Law Ng Hooi Huang 24th Nov 2023
12. Tales from the Crypt – of NFTs and cryptocurrencies Tan Gian Chung 15th Dec 2023