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At Shook Lin & Bok, we are committed to train talents who believe in integrity and excellence, with the drive, confidence and ability to realise these values.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What benefits do Shook Lin & Bok offer?
    We offer our pupils great career opportunities and exposure to a wide range of practice areas to enable talents to flourish to their full potential. Our pupils are mentored by pupil masters who are Partners of the Firm. We provide professional development courses in addition to practical classes conducted internally.
  1. What are the facilities available?
    We offer excellent online research facilities complementing one of the most comprehensive traditional library facilities in the country.
  1. What to expect from our pupillage experience?
    Our pupils are not bound by a fixed rotation system, as we believe in providing learning flexibility and wide exposure. Pupils will have hands-on experience and interaction with clients and counterparties, guided by experienced Partners and Associates who excel in their chosen fields.
  1. What is the remuneration package for pupils?
    Our pupils receive a competitive monthly allowance with all incidental expenses for admission to the Malaysian Bar borne by the Firm.
  1. Who are we looking for?
  1. Candidates with:
    • Excellent academic results and research skills.
    • Excellent command of English and Bahasa Malaysia. Proficiency in other languages will be an advantage.
    • Ability to analyse, comprehend, communicate and resolve issues.
    • Good interpersonal skills.
    Pupils who have met our standards would have good prospects of being retained upon their admission to the Malaysian Bar.
  1. When should I apply for pupillage?
    You should apply when you have obtained the relevant professional qualification. Law students are also encouraged to apply for pupillage during their final year of their degree as conditional offers would be given to the successful candidates.
  1. Where to submit your application?
    Your application together with curriculum vitae and copies of the supporting documents (certificates, transcripts, etc.) should include the following details:
    • educational background;
    • academic results to date (including secondary school, pre-university, university and post-graduate qualifications);
    • scholarships, prizes or awards which you have received;
    • results received in LLB examinations taken so far (including subjects taken and grades achieved);
    • professional qualifications (Bar, CLP or the equivalent);
    • extra-curricular activities (please highlight any position of responsibility);
    • work experience (please include any vacation attachments);
    • language proficiencies; and
    • a recent passport-sized photograph.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews. Interviews via Skype can also be arranged. Please send in your application together with curriculum vitae by e-mail, facsimile or post to:



Shook Lin & Bok

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