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Certificate of Appreciation from Member of Parliament of Subang YB Wong Chen

Our Firm recently handled a case on adoption of a stateless child by a local family on a pro bono basis. The entire adoption process took slightly over a year to complete due to various challenges including various attempts made to locate the biological parents of the child in order to obtain their respective consent which however proved unsuccessful. This led to an application being filed to dispense with the consent of the biological parents.

Despite the challenges, an adoption order was eventually granted by the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur. The matter was handled by our lawyer, Hoo Yee Huan.

This adoption matter was funded by the office of the Member of Parliament of Subang, YB Wong Chen. Following the completion of the matter, YB Wong Chen visited our office and presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation. Our senior partner, En. Jal Othman received the Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Shook Lin & Bok.