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Workshop on Security for Project Financing of a Mixed Urban Development

During a workshop on 28.3.2017, our Ms. Hoh Kiat Ching guided in-house legal professionals and officers from the business banking, credit administration and project monitoring units of a local development bank on “Security for Project Financing of a Mixed Urban Development”.

The workshop detailed the various securities available for project financing, and touched on the specific securities applicable for each stage of the project, such as “evergreen” securities, securities during the construction period, securities during the interim period pending application for strata titles and securities after the issuance of strata titles.
Participants were walked through the process for the application of strata titles, and the redemption process for the sale of property with strata titles. Examples of provisions relating to security, conditions precedent, conditions subsequent and designated accounts to be incorporated into the letter of offer were also shared during the workshop.