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Maybank Sharing Session by Shook Lin & Bok

On 5 October 2016, Maybank and Shook Lin & Bok came together to organise a sharing session at Menara Maybank with the participation of Maybank’s personnel and our Mr Jalalullail Othman, Ms Yoong Sin Min and Ms Hoh Kiat Ching.

Ms Hoh kick started the event with the topic of “Ship Financing”, elaborating on the requirements & procedures of ship registration in Malaysia and well as in the Malaysia International Ship registry. The topic went on to cover documentation for ship mortgage and assignment of earnings & insurance and other security.

Mr Jal Othman then proceeded to present the topic of “Project Financing”, where he shared insights on the general nature of concession agreements and terms concerning payment/charges, construction period, operation and maintenance period. The session progressed to cover issues related to assignability, confidentiality, ownership/occupation rights, termination rights, and the typical security and safeguards to be taken thereof.

Ms Yoong rounded up the session by sharing several case studies to further illustrate, in practicality, matters which have been highlighted throughout the sharing session before concluding the day with a Q&A session.

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